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Jonathan Parker

Jon is the founder of Flyby Technology and was formerly a Royal Air Force fighter pilot and one of the very few pilots to qualify as a flying instructor, a tactics instructor and a weapons instructor.  He has a wealth of highly specialised experience in the fields of both manned aviation and drone flying and was one of the first experts to be involved with the use of drones within the context of the British Armed Forces.  He has written extensively on this topic.
Jon has been flying drones for a number of years and his vision for delivering the best quality training to the drone pilots of the future was the driving force behind a totally  new training system.  Flyby Technology is unequalled in terms of instructional experience  and delivery quality and can provide it in the most cost effective way.  The feedback from graduating pilots is second to none.
Jon is excited to be part of the UK Drone Show 2016 with Flyby Technology and will be speaking about how to incorporate a new professional drone operation into your current business or organisation.

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