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Elliott Corke

Elliott Corke, Jonathan Carter and Ben Kenobi started The Aerial Academy in 2014 having all successfully started UK-based drone companies. The aim of The Aerial Academy is to provide high quality drone training based on the directors’ practical commercial experience within the UK drone industry.

Having previously worked in education, Elliott is passionate about training new operators. As Policy and Compliance Officer for ARPAS-UK, he has sat on several expert panels and has had to develop an excellent working knowledge of UK drone regulations. Elliott has carried out drone work for many clients including Historic England and the Broads Authority and has a specialism in environment, agriculture and conservation projects.

Jonathan is a heavy-lift specialist and started out with helicopters before moving on to multirotors. He was one of the first UK operators to achieve permission for night operations.

Ben Kenobi specialises in aerial shoots for creative media and has worked on a large number of TV projects in the UK and further afield including Running Wild with Bear Grylls and Hidden Britain by Drone with Sir Tony Robinson.

The Aerial Academy builds training programmes for individuals and companies wishing to enter the commercial drone sector in the UK. This generally includes a mixture of theoretical and flight training to provide you with the skills you need to carry out safe and legal operations. We have training sites at Norwich, Swansea and Tetbury.

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