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#UKDSM Sneak Peek 4

Manufacturer: THuGFrames

UK RRP: £39.99

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In the relatively new world of the Drone Industry, Stefan Mirfin could be classed one of the UK’s founding fathers and true pioneers of the UK scene…especially where it comes to both the design and manufacturing of LOS, Freestyle and Racing FPV Quad Airframes. He also looks at things in a slightly different way to many other companies, wanting to offer affordable, durable and innovative designs to the ever-growing global audience, with a slight streetwise twist.

Let’s face it the word ‘thug’ has many connotations far beyond just ruffian, hoodlum, bully boy, bully, bandit, mugger, gangster, hooligan, vandal, Yardie or Devotee of the goddess Kali!

‘THuGLIFE’ itself is something that is defined as:-

“When you have nothing, and succeed. When you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aim…”

Something all self-employed people have to do. To be able to stand on their own two feet and produce something that’s borne of their own imagination. A unique take on the hobby, and something that’s beyond just a project. It also has to be profitable as a business. Stefan knows this struggle better that most, and the ever-growing THuG family he sells is testament to that.


Impressive CV

He’s been pushing the boundaries what’s possible now in the use of 3D printing, Carbon Fibre Machining and various form factors for well over three years. He’s worked with our very own Editor Peter Gray, on TV programs like The Gadget Show, helping to  Introduce millions of viewers to FPV drones. Racing them around a woodland in Warwickshire, and later on the same year him and a team pilot chasing a British MotoX champion around a track with a specially designed 330 GoPro quad platform he specifically designed to get some of the most amazing and dynamic footage the show had ever seen.

He also was one of the many manufacturers that sold out of products at last years UK Drone Show way before the end of day two! That’s how sought after his airframes have become and the well-deserved following he now has within the Global drone community. But what’s he been up to since last December when we last saw him? And what have his latest generation of X form factor quads got to offer above and beyond their competition? I built one to find out!


It’s All Pater Gray’s Fault!

After bumping into two thirds of Hive Mind RC at my local flying club, Peter Gray promptly handed me a semi-suspicious looking jiffy bag.  My name was written on it in thick marker pen, along with simply PIG. He also handed me a small box of components and simply asked: “Simon, do you fancy doing a build and review of this for me?” the rest was, as they say, history.

Excitedly looking into the bag I discovered a very nice THuGPIG airframe kit, and in the box some vital electronics from online retailer, iDrone to get the build firmly under way. I’m no stranger to building quads so I think the hardest part of the build was choosing which arm size to go for, as the kit Stefan had supplied was ‘Full-Option’ and came with 3 different arm lengths; 4”, 5” and 6” inch. When ordering one yourself you pick the size of arms that are most applicable to your needs and flying style. 4” for a compact build, very suitable for short, tight outdoor tracks, indoor racing and agile Freestyle use. 6” for faster outdoor racing and 5” as a bridge between the two, for a more all-round versatile build.

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