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Innovative drone insurance products, offering a host of features not included as standard elsewhere, from an expert team.

Upon registering to be a UAV Pilot, our CEO Simon Ritterband, sought to obtain insurance as would be expected. It was immediately apparent that the insurance market for drones was wholly under-developed, with few offerings and that were not user friendly. Along with Paul Lisberg and Dominic Trigg, Simon built a team with a wealth of business and insurance expertise in order to streamline the process, including a host of features not previously offered as standard.

Our Drone Insurance key features

  • Simply choose your policy, click and purchase for instant insurance. No need for arduous form filling and waiting for a call back or email response
  • We insure your drone against privacy infringement claims
  • We offer Flight Assessment only cover for about to qualify pilots allowing them the convenience of only taking annual insurance after receiving their PFAW
  • We insure your drone against cyber attack as we understand they are vulnerable to hacking, cyber jamming, interception & manipulation
  • Ancillary equipment including gimbals, tablets, and chargers also come under our policies
  • We cover breaches of Data Protection meaning any compensation claims regarding personal data held by you are covered
  • We can cover multiple pilots from the same company on one policy
  • We provide cover for worldwide (ex USA and Canada) usage of your drone
  • We cover damages to your drone(s) on each of our policies allowing you to cover more than one drone on a single policy
  • If you change or add drones to your company during an insured period, provided you inform us as at the time, they will still be covered
  • Your drone is covered to the same extent whether it is in flight or not
  • We do not restrict you to a number of hours flown
  • Any employees of the company insured including outsourced contractors are covered for legal defence and compensation
  • Should your insured drone(s) suffer damages and need repair we will cover alternative hire costs for up to 6 months.

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