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The Aerial Academy

Training Organisation

The Aerial Academy is a drone training organisation run by three experienced UK operators; Elliott Corke, Jonathan Carter and Ben Kenobi. 

The Aerial Academy is now a Civil Aviation Authority approved full NQE. That means we can provide training programmes to prepare pilots for commercial drone operations, including providing the examinations that lead to a recommendation to the CAA for a Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO).

With our experience in the commercial sector we have an outstanding understanding of the UK regulations as they apply to day-to-day drone operations. We believe that experienced commercial drone pilots are best placed to teach other drone pilots how to operate in UK airspace. We have trained and assessed a number of manned aircraft pilots who have chosen to enter this exciting side of the aviation industry, helping them them transfer their skills across.

With 5 flying sites across the UK, we can also provide flight training on multirotor, fixed-wing and hybrid systems.


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